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What You Need To Know About Strippers

Men that want something to forget about their stress would think about a night out with their friends. Some would go to bars and drink until they drop, but there are others that want something more entertaining – by going to the strip club. It is the women strippers for men, while it is the male strippers for women. There are no restrictions to this; females can go to female strippers club and same goes with men. They provide a kind of entertainment that gives an extraordinary feeling of excitement. These strippers are very talented and skillful in their art, so it is worthy to watch them.

 How do you know good strippers from bad ones? Just listen to where all the buzz is coming from. If a lot of your friends recommend one place, try that first. Generally, all strippers are trained beforehand in order to give quality entertainment to their guests. The exceptional talent that makes them deliver quality entertainment is something that you should try once in your life. The incredible dancing that these people do, even the male strippers, are so astounding that you could tell they have dedicated a lot of time practicing their piece just to shake their bodies like that. Female strippers are very popular even amongst the girls in Sydney, but male strippers Sydney are equally popular, too, especially with the body they show to their audience. Once the strippers hit the dance floor, you will hear endless screams and shouts from the audience, asking more for them to entertain them beyond their imagination.


 But these strippers are mostly judged in a negative way by society. In reality, they are simply entertainers, paid to dance for their guests. The most reputable clubs have bouncers and cameras installed around the premises to guard the strippers from being ‘attacked’ by their customers. This is how valued they are to the strip club owners. Because they bring in a lot of business for the owners, they in turn protect their entertainers. While there is news that keeps on saying that strip clubs are prostitute houses, this is just a small area of this industry and most of them are isolated cases. The strippers that have joined this industry are mostly enjoying their lives entertaining people who love to see them dance. Because they are protected, the strippers are treated like celebrities by the strip club. They are sent to their cars when they are done for the day, making sure they make it safely home.

 Customers are expected to behave according to the rules imposed by the strip club. While the strippers can go near you and do their thing, most strip clubs do not want you touching their talents. You are expected to buy a few drinks and dances from them while you are still in the strip club. If you are interested in spending time with a particular stripper, you need to offer them a drink or two. You should also learn the tricks to make them spend more time with you, especially with money. Ask your friends who are already familiar with this and give yourself a stress free night at strip clubs now!

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Ancient History Of Sex Toys


Sex toy is, by definition – any device or object that can facilitate human sexual desire. There are millions of different objects that can be used in this way, and it is close to saying that every person has his “thing”. Sexual pleasure is highly subjective matter, and everyone has something that can arouse him a little bit more. However, there are common devices for many people throughout history and some of those go a long way back. Most people would agree with the theory that those “toys” are as old as the human race is, and probably they wouldn’t be far off the mark.

ST5Archeological and historical evidence is always necessary when making such claims, and this time they exist. The oldest example of a device which was used to enhance or provide sexual pleasure dates back to the Paleolithic era. Even though some scientist still disprove its use as a sex toy, most of them are quite certain of it. Some slightly “younger” artifacts were also discovered and most of them were made of siltstone, polished and in a shape of a phallus, which is enough evidence for majority of people.

Greeks and Romans were also very healthy and active when it comes to sex life, and it seems that a lot of experiments were performed when those togas were off. Aside form worshipping sexually insatiable gods, like Dionysus or Bacchus and making parades in their honor, inhabitants of these classic civilizations used various sex toys – dildos predominantly. Evidence for this comes from various sources, from Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata” to archeological artifacts found in Miletus (modern day Turkey) – object called olisbos was made from wood or bone and was used to provide women with sexual relief when husband was off killing some poor souls. Nowadays, this devices is known as – a dildo.

Also, other ancient civilizations had their share of fun and joy, pun intended. Asians, mostly Chinese people, had various toys to play with and majority of evidence speaks about vibrators and something which we know now as – ben-wa balls. Those are in use even today which gives them a lifetime of over 1000 years. (Not the same ones are being used, of course!)

T-SHIRT-Detail-2-Pakitsilp-KamasutraIndia, as the land where the most famous book about sex was made, i.e. the Kama Sutra, also looked for sex-enhancers. Historical sources mostly mention dildos and vibrators, which were predominantly used in breaking of a hymen of virgin girls before marriage, since Indian husbands considered blood from the hymen unclean.

Design of these toys in ancient days was quite uniformed, and they all probably looked similar (phallus-shaped toys are similar even today, who are we kidding?!). On the other hand, materials were pretty different: anything found in nature could potentially be of service, so most civilizations used wood, metal, animal bones or horns, vegetables and fruit (bananas, cucumbers, etc.), exotic materials like gold or jade in the East and many other. Lubrication was very much needed with this type of hard materials, and it mostly came from natural sources as well, olive oil being the number one product on the market.

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