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Romantic Sex Ideas To Make Your Lover Fall For You

When you have a partner in life, be it your spouse, lover or just starting a relationship, you need to pamper him with romance to keep him interested in you. You have to have a line-up of the most romantic sex ideasor what to do so he sticks and stands by you. If you are both a neophyte when it comes to lovemaking, you just have to experiment in which ways you create a spark in the relationship. If you are used to it, you need to explore more sexual ventures to keep the relationship strong, better and hotter. Gay Sex Toy Australia provider best company for more details you can visit here

How To Please Your Man

One must know that it is not only sex that keeps your partner in your life. Sexual relations are important as well as making babies. You can start by giving him a good massage, especially when he returns from office or watching a game. It gets tiring all day to do a physical activity and the massage can inspire him to love you back. You can also cook his favourite meal.  Everybody loves a home-cooked meal that is specially made to suit your taste. Remember that one secret of keeping him closer to you is bringing in delicious meals to his stomach. If you are tired of cooking, why not ask him take you out. You can visit your favourite restaurant and have dinner together.

Every day, there will come a time when you stay apart from each other. Technology has brought you closer through the smartphones you have at hand. Why not send him text messages to make him feel important. It is also expressing how much you are interested in his daily activities. It is also a way of having him miss you so you communicate through texting.

As a married couple, you need more time to spend each other. If kids are around, you must have lasted for many years that is why you are still together. Why not have fun and excitement while going for a romantic vacation. Just like when you were new, you bring old and good times together. You may want to end the days with very romantic lovemaking.

Another romantic sex ideas that surely work for both of you is to touch him frequently. You want to show your love and affection, and this gesture makes him sense your true feelings for him. Express your undying love for him by kissing him on the cheeks if not his lips. It can mean that you truly miss him and want him. It may lead to a deeper and more intimate feelings that can be gratified by making love. Either way, you can be passionate or wild in bed.

There can be a lot of ways to make your sex and love life romantic. You can try in every way just to make it work. Remember you were appealed to the man of your dreams because you found interesting qualities in him. So explore more romantic sex ideas you hear and read each day to keep the love alive.

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Ancient History Of Sex Toys


Sex toy is, by definition – any device or object that can facilitate human sexual desire. There are millions of different objects that can be used in this way, and it is close to saying that every person has his “thing”. Sexual pleasure is highly subjective matter, and everyone has something that can arouse him a little bit more. However, there are common devices for many people throughout history and some of those go a long way back. Most people would agree with the theory that those “toys” are as old as the human race is, and probably they wouldn’t be far off the mark.

ST5Archeological and historical evidence is always necessary when making such claims, and this time they exist. The oldest example of a device which was used to enhance or provide sexual pleasure dates back to the Paleolithic era. Even though some scientist still disprove its use as a sex toy, most of them are quite certain of it. Some slightly “younger” artifacts were also discovered and most of them were made of siltstone, polished and in a shape of a phallus, which is enough evidence for majority of people.

Greeks and Romans were also very healthy and active when it comes to sex life, and it seems that a lot of experiments were performed when those togas were off. Aside form worshipping sexually insatiable gods, like Dionysus or Bacchus and making parades in their honor, inhabitants of these classic civilizations used various sex toys – dildos predominantly. Evidence for this comes from various sources, from Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata” to archeological artifacts found in Miletus (modern day Turkey) – object called olisbos was made from wood or bone and was used to provide women with sexual relief when husband was off killing some poor souls. Nowadays, this devices is known as – a dildo.

Also, other ancient civilizations had their share of fun and joy, pun intended. Asians, mostly Chinese people, had various toys to play with and majority of evidence speaks about vibrators and something which we know now as – ben-wa balls. Those are in use even today which gives them a lifetime of over 1000 years. (Not the same ones are being used, of course!)

T-SHIRT-Detail-2-Pakitsilp-KamasutraIndia, as the land where the most famous book about sex was made, i.e. the Kama Sutra, also looked for sex-enhancers. Historical sources mostly mention dildos and vibrators, which were predominantly used in breaking of a hymen of virgin girls before marriage, since Indian husbands considered blood from the hymen unclean.

Design of these toys in ancient days was quite uniformed, and they all probably looked similar (phallus-shaped toys are similar even today, who are we kidding?!). On the other hand, materials were pretty different: anything found in nature could potentially be of service, so most civilizations used wood, metal, animal bones or horns, vegetables and fruit (bananas, cucumbers, etc.), exotic materials like gold or jade in the East and many other. Lubrication was very much needed with this type of hard materials, and it mostly came from natural sources as well, olive oil being the number one product on the market.

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